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Why I Make Vegan Cruelty-Free Soap

Posted by Deborah Freeman on

What we put on our skin matters. 

What goes onto our skin gets absorbed into our bodies.

I chose to create a handmade vegan soap product because I like to have control over what is going into the products I put on my skin.  Another reason is I want something that is kind to both people, the planet and animals.  I deserve it.  My family and friends deserve it too.

Being a lifelong animal lover it is important for me to avoid using animal by-products whenever possible.  Vegan bath and body products are a great way to cut out the use of animal fats and milk on a daily basis. Whether you’re a full-fledged vegan or a passive vegan like me, every little bit helps.  You don’t have to be a devout vegan to enjoy the use of vegan soap products.  This is not an all or nothing movement.

Creating cold process vegan soap is about as basic as it gets. 

I use a simple combination of sustainable plant-based raw ingredients.

Vegan soaps (or vegetable soaps) are made from fats or oils of vegetable origin rather than from saponified tallow or other animal fats. These soaps are preferred by vegans and may be preferred by vegetarians. In addition to fats, the other main ingredient is either wood ash, potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide, which are the different forms of lye.


I list all the wonderful skin loving fats, oils and milk ingredients I use on all my finished product labels. 



What makes it smell so good?

One of the mesmerizing parts of handmade soaps is stoping to smell ALL the scents!

"I love it when my customers stop by my table and smell every single soap."  

The joy on their face for the scents they love is everything.  So is the look of displeasure when they smell a scent that is not to their liking.  Not every scent is for every person.  I think as soap makers we try to offer so many different scents to the point that we have an overwhelming plethora of scents in our studios. 

O.E.P. Soapery uses both Organic Essential Oils and Cruelty-Free Fragrance Oils (Natural and Synthetic) in my products. Each offering a different designer to finished product to end user experience. 

Essential Oils scents are limited and don't last as long in the finished soaps.  Where as fragrance oils allow for more fun scenting options and last for a lot longer time. 


So Which Is Better?

They both have their proper uses, and advantages. Like with all things, it is up to us soap makers to learn all we can so that we can make educated choices about the products we make.


All of my finished soap products are labeled to indicate which scenting ingredients I've used. 


What is your preference? Vegan vs. Conventional? Essential Oil vs. Fragrance Oil? 



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