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Affiliate Disclosure



Hello! I wanted to share with you some information on how my shop & blog work.

I participate in several affiliate programs. That means I receive a commission when products are purchased through links here at this site. (At NO additional cost to you.)
This allows me to bring you more variety of products and soon to come videos!
(Think of it as tipping the waitress at a restaurant… only it doesn’t cost you more.
This is how I earn compensation via teaching on this blog and can share so many giveaways with you!)
The affiliate programs I currently use include Amazon Affiliates Program. I link only to products that I have or would buy based on their customer ratings and Prime Member eligibility.

I buy most of my own supplies and ingredients. However, from time to time I do receive some free products to work with. I will note this in my posts.

I do not do paid reviews.

Companies will sometimes send me products (such as new fragrances or colorants from a release) as a gift, not a payment. There are no expectations to use them.
If I like them (and have the time!), I will use them. This product is not payment for work. Any unused product is usually given away in a post to lucky readers. :)

The only time I am given product as a “payment” is if I am doing a guest post or a blog hop (which would be mentioned in my post since I would be expected to use the product in these cases).
If I mention a post is a guest post or blog hop, it can be assumed the product featured was given to me.

Some companies do give me products for free. But I will let you know in my post if the product was given to me.
Regardless, I will never share a product I do not like. What I use on my blog is what I truly like, regardless of how I obtained it. Even if I am given a product, it will go unused, given away.
sent back unless I truly love and recommend it.

I will not bad-mouth a product or do a negative review.

I never promote a product just because a company has asked me to – I promote what I love.

I do not work for any companies.

If you have questions or concerns, please email me.